Popcorn and Sunflower Oil Gift Box


1.5 lb bag of your choice of popcorn with a 16oz bottle of our regular sunflower oil. The perfect gift for the popcorn lover.

Please choose which flavor popcorn you’d like with your sunflower oil and we will package them up in a gift box and ship them straight to you.

  Product Quantity
GoldenEye White popcorn from Schoolhouse Farms
Mardi Gras Purple popcorn from Schoolhouse Farms
Canary Yellow Mini popcorn from Schoolhouse Farms
Cornhusker Red popcorn from Schoolhouse Farms
CandyCane Blend Popcorn from Schoolhouse Farms
Confetti Blend Popcorn from Schoolhouse Farms
Patriot Blue popcorn from Schoolhouse Farms
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Our virgin, cold pressed sunflower oil is pressed from high oleic sunflower seeds and passed through a 1 micron filter. Our gourmet popcorn popped in sunflower oil is quite tasty.

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