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On the eastern edge of the Corn Belt, special things happen!

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Vaughn - the Farmer

Vaughn is a 7th Generation farmer in what was once the Northwest Territory of the newly formed United States of America and now the State of Ohio.

Vaughn graduated from Vanderbilt University in Nashville, TN with a degree in chemical engineering and holds an MBA from Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge, LA and has worked extensively around the globe in North Africa, The Far East, India, Australia, South America, Europe and the Artic Regions of North America.

During this time he appreciated more and more his time on the land and in 2016 made a decision to pursue this dream full time.

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Beth – The Organizer

Beth hails from Bethel, VT and has been involved in the hospitality industry for many years and currently makes her home on the Seacoast of Maine.

Beth was a big influence in the initial launch of SchoolHouse Farms into black oil sunflowers as she’s been a passionate birder for many years – something she shared with her late mother. SchoolHouse Farms has now grown beyond black oil sunflowers into safflowers, sunflower kernels and other more exotic blends.

Beth manages the Somersworth Mill office and takes care of all mail order business and otherwise keeps Farmer Vaughn on track.

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Grains and corn

Our Products

SchoolHouse Farms, LLC began offering direct from the farm to consumer agricultural products in the fall of 2016. All products are grown and processed on the farm.

We are pleased to supply all non-GMO products: gourmet popcorns and oils, birdseed and wildlife feed, and distillation grains.

We strongly believe you should know where the food you eat comes from…  we will label all containers with GPS coordinates so you can see for yourself.

We would be pleased to see you in Ohio on your next visit.

Please contact us if you are interested in ordering our products or if you'd like to find out more about our precision agricultural services.

The Frysinger School

In 1862 the local Dublin Township school board acquired a half-acre of land and built the one room Frysinger School, which began functioning during the Civil War.

Vaughn’s great grandmother, Cecil Rickard, attended the school in the early 20th century and the building eventually ceased to be utilized as a school in 1939 as the United States approached World War 2.

The building was then used for farm storage and fell into disrepair.

Lowell Davis, Vaughn’s father, acquired the Ross Road property and The Frysinger School in 1975.

In 2010 a restoration of the school house was undertaken and the school is now used as a farm office and function hall for local gatherings.

Stop by and write on the blackboard!

The Frysinger School
Ancient artifacts found in the fields

The history of farming and tools in this area

Schoolhouse Farms has a long and fascinating history. At least one property on this land has been held continuously by Vaughn's family since 1827.

The history of the tools found on our properties from nearly 10,000 years ago (the Early Ancient Period) intertwines closely with the rise of the maize (corn) industry in North America.

Ancient civilizations in what is now Mexico began cultivating corn around the same time as the artifacts were lost on the ground here in Ohio. Through subsequent civilizations (Hopewell, Adena) corn cultivation spread to the Western Ohio area as well.

Sunflower cultivation began in what is now the American Southwest about 7,000 years ago before eventually spreading the world over. In 2016 SchoolHouse Farms harvested our first crop.

Visit Vaughn's Blog to find out much more about the history of the farm and the ancient tools that have been dug up.

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