Is Our Popcorn Genetically Modified?

No!  Popcorn has been bred over the years through standard hybridization and natural selection  – typically grown in both North and South America and has been eaten for nearly 5000 years here in North America with close to 1.2 billion pounds consumed per year.

Popcorn is attacked by a variety of pests during the growing year – our mini canary popcorn was infested with corn borer in 2017. Through standard screening and optical scanning inspection the popcorn was cleaned to the quality you see in the package.  No chemicals were used to do so.

Our Patriot Blue popcorn was ravaged by several floods throughout the year, including near the end of the growing season causing some kernels to begin sprouting on the cob.  Once again these were identified and removed through our individual kernel digital scanning process prior to packaging.

See a video of our popcorn cleaning in process