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Roasted Sunflower Kernels - all flavors

Our roasted kernels are grown in Ohio on our farm and then harvested, dehulled, cleaned and roasted in New England. Beth only uses real ingredients, and no preservatives are used.

Vermont Maple – Beth hails from Vermont, providing the inspiration for this selection – only real Vermont maple syrup is used in the roasting process along with our large select kernels.

Maine Sea Salt – Vaughn and Beth met in Maine so it’s only fitting that Maine Sea Salt is used to flavor the kernels.

Ranch – Who doesn’t love a bit of Ranch? Live on the wild side.

White Cheddar – it’s great on popcorn, so why not on sunflower kernels!

Brown Sugar Cinnamon – Beth’s special blend of brown sugar and cinnamon is added to freshly roasted sunflower kernels for the perfect combination of sweet with a cinnamon kick.

Cajun – Vaughn spent many years living in Louisiana which inspired both our Cajun infused sunflower oil and now our Cajun Roasted Sunflower Kernels.

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